First weeknight Minnesota United game puts traffic to the test

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A new stadium in St. Paul means some growing pains for Minnesota United faithful. From parking to public transportation, officials are working to make match days as smooth as possible.

Parking is at a premium around Allianz Field on game days. 

University of Minnesota junior Jackson LeFebvre came up with website called Park Poolr to connect homeowners and businesses who have extra parking spaces to soccer fans looking for a parking spot.

"Parking is an issue around the stadium, so if they can pre-book their parking for cheap only blocks away, it’s a win-win," said LeFebvre.

Unlike the Minnesota United's home opener, their second home game is on a weeknight during rush hour. Metro Transit says for the most part, soccer fans took light rail and rode express buses to the first game at Allianz Field and will continue to do so in the future.

"Snelling Avenue and University is a busy area and I know sometimes people were worried about what this could be for that,” said Howie Padilla, Metro Transit spokesman. “I think what we found on the home opener is that everything can co-exist."

Most of the soccer fans we spoke to say getting to Allianz Field wasn't a problem.

“Easy,” said Mitch Martin, a soccer fan. “Hopped in a Lyft and came down, getting home might not be so easy.”

In the meantime, LeFebvre hopes to create more parking spots through Park Poolr and expand to other events in the future.

"Depending on how these games go, we'll roll out an app this summer,” he said. “Right now can only book on our website, but also be ready for State Fair and Minnesota Gopher football games, create community around those events."