First responder’s 911 call on George Floyd's death: ‘They f------ killed him’

The Minneapolis Police Department released the transcripts Monday of two 911 calls made by bystanders following the death of George Floyd. Both calls were made at 8:32 p.m. on May 25, just minutes after Floyd was taken away by an ambulance. 

One call was from someone claiming to be an off-duty first responder who said they “literally watched police officers not take a pulse and not do anything to save a man.” 

“I just happened to be on a walk so, this dude, this, they f------ killed him,” the caller told dispatch. 

Their call was disconnected soon after.

Floyd died on Memorial Day after being detained by Minneapolis police officers. A video taken by a bystander showed officer Derek Chauvin pinning Floyd to the ground and pressing his knee onto his neck for nearly nine minutes, despite Floyd's repeated cries that he could not breathe. Neither Chauvin nor the other three officers at the scene moved from their positions until an ambulance arrived, despite bystanders pleading with them to check on Floyd's condition. 

All four officers were fired following Floyd's death. Chauvin is charged with murder and the other three officers are charged with aiding and abetting. 


The following are the transcripts from the two 911 calls: 

911 call - 8:32:07 p.m.   

Operator: 911 what’s the address of the emergency?

Caller: Yes, yeah, we just watched Officer #987 kill a, ah…a citizen in front of a Chicago ah…store. He just pretty much just killed this guy that wasn’t resisting arrest. He had his knee on the dude’s neck the whole time, Officer #987. The man wouldn’t, ah… went stopped breathing. He wasn’t resisting arrest or nothing. He was already in handcuffs. They pretty much is stupid dude, I don’t even know if he dead for sure but dude was not responsive when the ambulance came and got him, and the officer that was just out here left, the one that actually just murdered the kid in front of everybody on 36th, 38th and ah Chicago.

Operator: Okay, would like to speak with a, ah Sergeant?

Caller: Yeah, like that was bogus what they just did

Operator: Hold on.

Caller: To this man. He was unresponsive, he wasn’t resisting arrest or any of it.

Operator: Okay, let me get you over to the desk and you can request to speak with a Sergeant, okay? They have a (inaudible).

Caller: Yeah and I’m sitting here talking to ah with another off-duty ah firefighter that just came here watching in front of us as well. She told him to check the man’s pulse but they wouldn’t even check the ah… the pulse.

Operator: Okay, one second. (phone ringing)

(You have reached the City of Minneapolis, to reach someone in our property crimes division…) (phone ringing)

Caller: You all murderers bro, you all murderers. Thou you gonna kill yourself, I already know it two more years, you gonna shoot yourself. Murderers bro. You all [redacted] just murderers bro.

Precinct: Minneapolis 3rd Precinct.

Operator: Hey it’s dispatch (caller talking over dispatcher) hold on sir.

Caller: Yeah man, I want to speak to a supervisor. Yeah, go ahead.

Operator: Yeah, he wants to speak with a supervisor relating to #320’s call at CUP FOODS.

Caller: They just killed that man in front of the store the pol…

911 call - 8:32:35 p.m.

Operator: 911 what is the address of your emergency?

Caller: Hello, I am on the block of 38th and Chicago and I literally watched police officers not take a pulse and not do anything to save a man, and I am a first responder myself, and I literally have it on video camera (clears throat). I just happened to be on a walk so, this dude, this, they f------ killed him so, I ah..

Operator: Do you want to speak to a supervisor?

Caller: I’m recording this. I’m, I mean I’m f------ recording this right now. I’m willing to talk your agents about this so if we need to talk to a supervisor right now or if somebody needs to get into contact with me later on.

Operator: Let me get you over to the supervisor, okay? Hang on one second.

[Call disconnects]

[Operator makes four attempts over the next two minutes to reconnect.]

[Attempt one. Ringing.]

Automated Voicemail: Please leave your message…

[Call disconnects]

[Attempt two. Ringing.]

[Call disconnects]

[Attempt three. Ringing.]

Operator: Hello? Hello?

[Call disconnects]

[Attempt four. Ringing.]

Operator: Hello?

[Call disconnects]