Feeding Our Future investigated for fraud, AG Ellison confirms

St. Anthony-based Feeding Our Future is being investigated for potential violations of non-profit and charities.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has confirmed an ongoing investigation into St. Anthony-based Feeding Our Future for potential violations of non-profit and charities laws in the wake of an FBI probe last month.

"We utilize the Child and Adult Care Food Program to increase healthy food access for Minnesota's youth and seniors," reads the St. Anthony-based non-profit’s website. 

Nevertheless, the Attorney General’s Office has filed a petition in Dakota County District Court asking a court to supervise the dissolution of the corporation.  

According to the petition, Ellison’s office alleges that Feeding our Future’s officers and directors had, "failed to properly administer and use assets for charitable purposes; failed to comply with statutory requirements for nonprofit corporations; made false and/or deceptive representations in connection with the solicitation of donations; and breached fiduciary duties." 

In January, federal authorities executed a search warrant on the headquarters of Feeding Our Future. But while federal authorities look into the alleged misuse of federal grant funds, the statement said the Attorney General’s role was to focus on the governance and oversight of charitable assets held by Feeding Our Future in Minnesota. 

"Federal criminal law enforcement authorities are the right people to make sure federal grants are used properly, and to prosecute the criminal misuse of federal taxpayer funds," Ellison said in a statement announcing the investigation. "It’s my job as Attorney General to supervise charities and their leaders to ensure they are complying with civil charities laws and upholding Minnesotans’ trust. Court oversight of Feeding Our Future’s dissolution will allow greater transparency into the organization’s finances and prevent any future fraud or misuse of assets."

If granted by the court, the petition would add another layer of accountability to the investigative process, Ellison said.