Family stuck outside after discovering mountain lion snuck into home

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A mountain lion snuck through a window and into Kayla Slaughter’s Boulder, Colorado home.

Luckily, she and her family were gone, leaving the discovery of the mountain lion to her shocked roommate.

Sometime Friday night, a mountain lion snuck through a window and into Kayla Slaughter's house. Fortunately, she, her husband, and their two-year-old son were gone.

Their roommate discovered the cat when he got home around 10:30.

"He said it was terrifying," Slaughter said. "Looked right at him and licked his lips and he took off."

The family's housecat, Klondike, was stuck inside. Sadly, she was eaten. Heartbreaking, but getting the lion out was an even bigger concern.

"It peaked its head out of that window, the upper window," Slaughter recalled. "It was like just looking at us… I do have a picture of the mountain lion laying on the couch, it looks like it's watching TV."

Neighbors watched as police and wildlife officers shot beanbags at windows.

"It was kind of amazing. it was sort of like looking at a zoo exhibition but you're looking at a house," a neighbor told KDVR.

One hour become another and then another until finally the result everyone was hoping for.

The lion left. It walked through the front door and down the street, back into the wild.

It’s an epic story but one this family never hopes to live again.

"We'll definitely be more vigilant with keeping our windows shut,” Slaughter said.