Family relieved after stolen puppy returned to Minnetonka home

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Zoey the miniature schnauzer is back home in Minnetonka with her family Saturday after she was stolen from the Mehle's home earlier this week.

It’s “an Easter miracle,” said Mike Mehle after Sandra Steinmetz of "Minnesota Critter Getters" drove Zoey from Jordan back to the Minnetonka house.

Zoey was first taken after the Mehle's home was burglarized Tuesday. The stolen items included electronics, credit cards and several rifles, but the most prized possession was the puppy.

“If you can’t see it in your heart to bring her back and you have to keep her, treat her the way we did and make her a member of your family, don’t let anything ever happen to her,” Mehle pleaded when interviewed Wednesday.

Zoey returned home at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, prompting the Mehles to thank the surrounding community and law enforcement.

“Thanks again to everyone in the entire metro area who were sincerely concerned for the well being of Zoey and our families’ ability to cope with the loss,” Mehle said in a statement to FOX 9. “They, too, have a large stake in bringing Zoey back to us.”