Edina woman to judge skating at PyeongChang Olympics

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Of all the gifts Tamie Campbell of Edina has received while judging figure skating competitions over the years, the greatest may be the gig she is heading to in 2018.

"It's an incredible honor," said Campbell. "It's the pinnacle of judging and it's something I've wanted to do forever. I wasn't good enough as a skater to qualify. So this is the next best thing."

Campbell has been selected to be a judge at the Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea in February.

She'll be in the pairs discipline, one of four judges from the U.S., valuating figure skaters on everything from skating skills to choreography to interpretation.

"A true champion has a passion that comes from the heart that can affect you and reach you," said Campbell. "They are competent and land all the jumps and the spins. There's great skaters and then there are championship skaters."

Campbell has been traveling the globe, judging two world championships as well as at least a dozen national ones.

She was even first alternate as a judge for the Winter Olympics in Sochi four years ago.

"Just being part of it," she said. "The best athletes in the world. It’s so exciting."

As a former competitive figure skater herself, Campbell still finds time to get back on the ice. But when it comes to the Olympics of judging her favorite sport, she feels like she's already won a gold medal.

"I know it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience,' she said. "Friends I know who have done it say, 'You are just going to love it' and I can't wait."

Campbell leaves to judge the Grand Prix of Figure Skating finals in Japan on Sunday. She'll back on the road for three weeks in February for the Winter Olympics in February.