Downtown Minneapolis road closures go into effect this weekend

A variety of road closures, both short-term and long-term, go into effect this weekend in downtown Minneapolis as part of the massive construction project affecting I-94 and I-35W. 

This weekend 94 between 394 and 35 will be closed so MnDOT can knock down a couple of bridges.

It’s also the start of some big changes that will impact getting in and out of downtown for the next few years.

“Not pleased,” said Lisa Ross, a downtown commuter. “That's putting it lightly, but there's not much you can do except laugh, so you just have to look a Google Maps and try and find some other way to get downtown."                    

Starting Friday night, the 11th Street, Grant Street and 5th Avenue exits into downtown from northbound 35W will be closed for the next four months.

In addition, the 12th Street and 4th Avenue ramps out of downtown will close for the next three years.

MnDOT says the closures will add delays and congestion, but there will still be plenty of ways in and out of downtown.

“We understand it’s going to be a challenge for people,” said Dave Aikens of MnDOT. “We've been asking them to think about this for a long time. Now is the time when we are going to start doing this and folks are going to have to make it front and center in their minds and make some decisions.”

Northbound 35W from downtown to Crosstown will close Sunday night into Monday morning so MnDOT can add an extra lane to the 3rd Street detour.

MnDOT is encouraging people to plan an alternate route or take the bus or light rail, or work from home to avoid it all together.

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