Dog missing from Minneapolis may be injured, needs heart medication

A Minneapolis family is desperate to find their dog, who's been missing for nearly two weeks.

Corduroy, who is a 25-pound mini Goldendoodle, needs special medical care and could be injured. His family is making a plea out across the Twin Cities for his safe return, believing someone has him.

"He's a valued member of our family. My fiancé and I haven't slept and haven't eaten really since he's been gone, and it's really strange here to be in this apartment without him," said Chris Hoefer.

On Oct. 22, Corduroy was on a walk in the Mill District near the Guthrie Theater when he was attacked by another dog, so he slipped out of his collar and took off. He was last seen running south down Park Avenue toward Washington.

"It was kind of assumed that he was running home, but he never made it home," Hoefer said.

A family is searching for their missing dog Corduroy in Minneapolis. (Supplied)

Hundreds of flyers have been plastered around the Metro with a picture of Corduroy, asking: "Who has me? I want to go home!" The 1.5-year-old dog was not named for the bear but for the fabric.

"He's like a brown, fluffy dog that looks like corduroy pants basically," Hoefer said.

Hoefer has spent all of his free time creating social media campaigns and spreading the word, hoping to bring Corduroy home. He’s especially concerned for the dog’s health because he may have been hurt in the attack, and he needs special medicine for a heart condition.

"We spent a lot of time and energy taking care of him and making sure he's in good health. And he needs a lot of attention and energy. And wherever he is right now, I'm afraid that that's not happening," he said.

The flyers have yielded a ton of phone calls but only one tip that seemed credible. Corduroy’s family is also offering a reward for his safe return. If someone does find him, Hoefer is asking them to contact him at 612-643-0736 or take the dog straight to a vet clinic so he can get the care he needs.

"The best thing you can do is be a little bit more vigilant. See if a neighbor maybe has a new dog, a dog that looks like Corduroy, and let that person with the dog know that he has a family who loves him," Hoefer said.

Corduroy’s family has created a Facebook page, where they will post updates.