This Minnesota man turned a shopping cart into a go-cart

What once was a grocery store cart in Wright County is now being used to satisfy a different kind of appetite: Jordan Carriveau’s taste for adrenaline.

"I put a [motor] out of a snowblower in it," Carriveau explained on Monday. He was also sure to install a disc braking kit, throttle, and air-filled tires; tinkering until the cart started to sound more like a go-cart than a grocery cart.

"There’s a lot of people that take videos of me, give me the thumbs up, or wave at me," Carriveau said.

Now he uses the cart for joyrides around Delano and into Buffalo, and he says it’s reached 44 miles per hour on flat ground.

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Jordan Carriveau and his creation

From: FOX 9

"In my town, it’s legal to drive a dirt bike, or four-wheeler, or a motorized vehicle," Carriveau said. "As long as you’re on the rightmost side of the road, on the shoulder."

The 19-year-old worked on the cart, after work shifts at his job as an auto mechanic. The project began after he says he received a surprise message from a friend. "He sent me a picture of it, and he’s like these are free off the side of the road," Carriveau said.

Now, about three days of work is turning plenty of heads around town; even earning him a bit of a growing online fanbase.

"I saw it on a few different pages, saw it go across TikTok," Sawyer Solstad said. "They just think it’s crazy that some kids whipping around on a mobility scooter going that fast on public roads."