COVID-19 self-tests added to Minnesota’s notification system

Those who receive positive results from COVID-19 at-home self-tests will now be able to anonymously notify other users of Minnesota’s COVIDaware MN program about potential exposure. 

Starting Sept. 8, an update will allow Minnesotans who receive positive COVID-19 self-test results to request a verification code to voluntarily enter into the system, which in turn will begin the process to send anonymous notifications to other COVIDaware MN users who may have been exposed.

"When Minnesotans use COVIDaware MN, they are helping others in the community make informed decisions about their health," Minnesota Commissioner of Health Jan Malcolm said in a press release. "Many people are taking advantage of widely available and quick self-tests, so this update to the COVIDaware MN app gives people another way to notify people of a potential exposure so they can take the appropriate steps to protect themselves and others." 

With the latest update, a COVIDaware MN user who receives a positive COVID-19 result from a self-test will be able to request a verification code within the system, according to an announcement. 

Minnesota launched the COVIDaware MN app in November 2020, followed by an expansion of the system that allowed Minnesotans to opt-in to the COVIDaware MN system through their iPhone settings in January 2021.