Counting drinks? Crafts beer equivalent to 1.8 regular beers

Minnesota is a mecca of craft beer. But with a wider variety of beers at the bar, the Department of Public Safety’s alcohol and gambling division is warning even the most experienced drinkers that a typical craft beer is equivalent to drinking nearly 2 regular beers.

Craft beer and mixed drinks vs regular domestic beer

Average craft beer = 1.8 regular beers
5 ounce pour of wine = 1 regular beer
Moscow Mule = 1.3 regular beers
Screwdriver = 1.3 regular beers
Mojito = 1.3 regular beers
Gin and tonic = 1.6 regular drinks
Martini = 1.2 – 1.4 regular drinks
Margarita = 1.7 regular drinks

Alcohol poisoning a problem in Minnesota

This is important, considering Minnesota is one of the top states for alcohol poisoning deaths per million people -- an average of 73 people die from alcohol poisoning every year in Minnesota. The CDC says 6 people die from alcohol poisoning every day in the U.S. About 3/4 of the deaths are 35 to 64 year olds, and most of them are men.

Message to U of M students

University of Minnesota police also want another message to hit home with students: Plan ahead and get home safely. To educate incoming freshman, U of M police distributed “Abusive Drinking: What You Should Know” flyers at the beginning of the school year. UMPD Chief Matt Clark hopes students remember the following:

Amnesty for 911 callers: Students can call for help without suffering any consequences.

Be safe and avoid injury: Over consumption can result in a higher likelihood of physical harm.

Enforcement for minor consumption: Minors caught drinking alcohol may be cited.

Arrive safely: Students should utilize campus escort programs such as 624-WALK and the Gopher Chauffeur.

“We’ve heard the stories of impaired college students falling and severely injuring themselves, students who pass out in the cold and suffer major physical damage or worse, and impaired students who are out late at night and have become victims of crime,” Chief Clark said. “We encourage everyone, not just college students, to drink responsibly and plan ahead for a sober ride or a safe walk home.”