Cottage Grove under watering ban until at least July, city says

Residents of Cottage Grove, Minnesota won’t be watering their lawns, washing their cars or playing at the city’s splash pad anytime soon.

The Cottage Grove City Council has declared a water ban that will be in place until at least July. Several of the city’s wells had to be taken offline after the Minnesota Department of Health lowered the limits of two chemicals – PFOA and PFOS—in drinking water.  Less water is available in the city until the wells are back online.

In the meantime, the city is asking residents to conserve water and not use their hoses and sprinklers for any non-essential tasks such as watering lawns and gardens, filling swimming pools or washing cars.

The Highlands Park splash pad will also remain closed until the ban is lifted.

People who have recently put down new sod may be issued a permit by Public Works that would allow them to water it during the ban.

The ban only applies to people who use city water. It does not affect private wells.

There will be a public information meeting at Cottage Grove City Hall on June 7 where the Minnesota Department of Health, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and local officials will discuss the ban. More information on the water ban can be found here.