Costco plans to bring new store to Otsego

An empty lot at the corner of MacIver Avenue and 60th Street Northeast in Otsego used to be a tree nursery, but a big box retailer could soon be planting its roots on the 25 acre property.

"I don't care for the idea at all. I don't want all the traffic and often crime comes accompanied with that. A lot of people coming in and out," said Terry Doerfler, who lives nearby. 

A Costco representative says the company has agreed to buy the lot to develop a members-only warehouse store and a free-standing gas station.

The company has filed an application to rezone the land for commercial use, which the city says would be consistent with its comprehensive plan for the property to house a big box retailer to serve Otsego and the surrounding communities.

"I think it'd be more convenient for a lot of people in a neighborhood that's here that don't have to travel as far to go to a Costco," said Letha Ariya, who lives nearby as well.

Costco is looking to build on an empty lot that used to be a tree nursery. (FOX 9)

Some residents in the townhome development across the street are concerned Costco would bring more traffic and congestion to the area.

But city leaders say Wright County already plans to make improvements to 60th Street Northeast next year, whether there's a new Costco or not, which would be able to accommodate traffic generated by a development of Costco's size.

"We would have more traffic, but it shouldn't be a big deal about it," said Ariya.

Right now, the closest Costco stores are at least 15 miles away in Maple Grove and Coon Rapids and some neighbors hope things stay that way.

"This is a largely residential area. There's residential all the way down, and I just don't want to bring all the commercial big boxes yet if I can help it to the area," said Doerfler.

Costco's application will go before Otsego's planning commission on Feb. 5. If it makes it through that process, Costco could begin work on the property as early as this fall.