Commemorative street name proposed for George Floyd at 38th and Chicago

A memorial has grown near 38th Street E and Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis where George Floyd's deadly encounter with police happened. (FOX 9)

A commemorative street name is the works to posthumously honor George Floyd at the intersection where he was arrested by Minneapolis police and died.

According to a land use application, George Perry Floyd Jr Place would be added as the commemorative street name to Chicago Avenue between 37th Street E and 39th Street E. Floyd's deadly encounter with police happened on Memorial Day at 38th Street E and Chicago Avenue, where a grassroots memorial site later formed in his honor.

The signage will only be placed at the intersection of 38th and Chicago. The commemorative street name will not change the official name of the street or affect addresses on the street.

The Planning Commission will take up the item at its next meeting on August 3. If approved, the measure would go to the City Council for final consideration.