Collectibles from cable access show 'Viva and Jerry' sold at estate sale

It’s not every day an estate sale makes the news, but this isn’t any old estate sale.

Viva and Jerry Beck were the stars of a hit cable access TV show in Minneapolis called Viva and Jerry’s Country Music Videos, where they played country music, did spoofs and lovingly showed off their favorite collectables and trinkets.

All of the items on the show lived at the home Viva and Jerry shared for 29 years. None of it is exactly fancy or expensive. Rather, they are things that simply made Viva and Jerry happy.

Michelle Beck is Jerry’s daughter.

"They just loved you know I think kind of shopping around and picking these items up too because they thought they were fun and wanted to share them with other people," Beck said. 

Matt Lacny of Kindred Estate Services has had a lot of “pinch me” moments since he took Michelle’s call a couple of weeks ago.

"And then I took the corner and it was like, ‘ahhhh!’ (laughs). As an estate sale person you love that. And it was like oh my goodness, there's Pyrex, oh there's Royal Dalton. But, then when I see the unique items it's just like little tractor beam right to my eye right there," Lacny said. 

Matt had seen Viva and Jerry’s show over the years and knew they recently passed away. He was a fan then and now.

"I would've loved to have been over here and hang out with them just for a little bit," he said. "Just to hear them talk about this stuff because all of this is just talking to me all the time."

It's taken two full weeks to sort, clean and tag every item in here. And in 48 hours most of it was gone. Sold to collectors and fans of all things retro and quirky and of course, Viva and Jerry. "You know it's kind of that bittersweet, you know they were their items, the things they loved but it's so much so I'm glad that we were able to do this and maybe share it with you know the friends and the fans.”

At the end of the day, every that ‘must go’ went. It was either sold or donated. But each piece will live on its own way. The way Viva and Jerry would’ve wanted. Michelle says, "I think they would be really happy just because it can bring joy to other people."