Cold weather changes Halloween plans, speeds up home maintenance

The drastic change in temperatures this weekend has delivered a taste of winter.

The cold is forcing a lot of unexpected weather-proofing, whether it’s for lawns or Halloween plans.

Several parents told FOX 9 they’ll still take the kids trick-or-treating tomorrow even in the cold and maybe the snow… They’re just planning to make it a shorter night now.

But when it comes to home sprinkler systems, time is very short.

The winds of change are blowing and Barrett Lawn Care is making sure their customers don’t get ice in their sprinkler systems.

"Luckily we have until the ground temperature drops," Barrett’s David Kuehn told FOX 9. "So even though we've been cold lately, ground temperature is still above freezing."

Sprinkler season ends around this time every year, but how quickly the change comes determines how soon system blowouts need to be done to prevent freezing lines.

But unlike the underground pipes, Kuehn barely changes things up when it’s near freezing.

"I grew up in Minnesota," he said. "I'm not afraid of the cold, but any time it drops below 60 degrees, my thermal pants go on."

Minnesota parents are also ready for colder weather.

"We're training the kids to be okay with the cold," said Amelia Holcomb.

Her little Cookie Monster stayed in the warm Logan Park Rec Center Monday, but she’ll join other kids braving the cold and possible snow on Halloween.

"We'll probably still be out trick-or-treating," said Katrina DeWitt. "We're just going to put a layer underneath and see how long we last."

Moms told us they plan to cut the day short because they don’t want to have their own "Blizzard of 1991" stories.

"I've heard a lot about it, but I didn't grow up here," said DeWitt. "So I've heard the legend, but I did not experience it."

And just in case flurries get sticky, the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Department has its snowblowers out and ready for the first time this season.