City of Brooklyn Park relied on community input to create 6 pillars of 2025 strategic plan

The city of Brooklyn Park is taking a glimpse into its future as leaders and community members outline six pillars of how they want to build leading up to the year 2025.

A big part of the plan is the input of hundreds of community members who weighed in on the plan that has lofty aspirations.

Brooklyn Park’s goals are spelled out on its website, while community members emphasize a need for a united community, beautiful places, a thriving economy, health, safety, increased equity and an effective, engaging government.

The six goals are targeted by 2025.

“I think they got everything spot on,” said Brandon Alshouse, co-owner of eCig Market. “I think the only thing they have to do is keep the community moving.”

“The one that sticks out is a safe community, healthy economy,” said Michael Bui, the owner of MT Noodles. “It really all builds for a great place to live and work.”

“It’s aspirational in nature,” said Jay Stroebel, the city manager. “Some we will be able to achieve by 2025, others we're aspiring to achieve by then.”

Stroebel said the six goals are designed to improve the quality of life in his city over the next seven years. He thinks this will be effective because the goals were developed with the input of the 1,500 people who call the city home.

“It’s really about the community, business leaders, faith-based organizations to achieve that goal,” said Stroebel.

Bui owns MT Noodles and he says plans like this are a recipe to cook up more growth in his town. In Brooklyn Park, big name companies are already part of the landscape.

“It’s great to just get input from the community,” Bui said. “So, we’re really excited to work for the future of Brooklyn Park.”