City committee rejects proposed Surdyk's settlement

Minneapolis city officials have rejected the proposed settlement with Surdyk's Liquor to revise sanctions after the store opened four months early for Sunday liquor sales.

On Tuesday, the Community Development & Regulatory Services Committee unanimously rejected the proposed settlement that would have fined the store $6,000 and suspended the store on the first nine Sundays and one Saturday after the new sales law goes into effect on July 2.

The city originally imposed a $2,000 fine and a 30-day suspension on the store.

"If he had shut down right after they came down and asked him to do so, I might have felt differently," said Chair Lisa Goodman.

Dennis Johnson, Jim Surdyk's attorney, called the early Sunday sales a "boneheaded move." He says the stunt could cost more than what the store made that day.

"He said 'I screwed up, so let's get this taken care of,'" said Johnson.

The committee will be discussing the issue again on May 16. In the meantime, negotiations between Surdyk's and city officials on a new settlement will continue.

If a new agreement hasn't been made by May 16, the committee will hold a formal license hearing for an appropriate penalty.