Cindy McCain explains why she's supporting Biden as she rallies virtually with Sen. Klobuchar

Cindy McCain, the widow of Republican Sen. John McCain, will advise Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential transition team as it prepares for him to take office if he wins in November, the team announced Sept. 28.

Cindy McCain, the wife of late Republican Senator John McCain, broke with her husband's party last month to announce she would support Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election.

Wednesday, Cindy McCain took part in a virtual rally with Senator Amy Klobuchar in support of the Biden campaign. Speaking with FOX 9 before the rally, McCain said she just feels Biden is better for the country and better for the troops. She also believes that women will decide this race for president and has a message for the women of Minnesota.

"What I remind them is that right now we need to do this for our country," explained McCain. "Healthcare is a huge issue for women. Particular dealing with families the way that we have to. So, I think that you’ll find not only a willing listener on the other side but someone who is not going to take your healthcare away from you that simply isn’t going to happen. It’s not."

"And also, education," she added. "The kinds of things that drive our schools, our universities, it’s time that we have leadership within the White House that is helpful and not harmful to the educational system. And of course most of all the pandemic. It’s destroyed our lives. It’s destroyed our families and it is real."

Mrs. McCain also believes this race is a lot closer than the polls are indicating. She is urging people to vote no matter what.

If Biden wins in November, McCain is set to join his transition advisory team.