Chicago woman shares heartwarming story of grocery store's generosity

Flickr | Matt MacGillivray

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - One Chicago woman is making sure the world is aware of a heartwarming gesture one grocery store chain made for her family. 

Laura Beane Jetel, who lives in Chicago, posted about the generous act of kindness on Facebook. 

Jetel said three weeks ago, her 19-year-old son moved to Tallahassee, Fla. to attend college. But he was recently rushed to the hospital for suspected viral meningitis. Her son was later released from the hospital after five hours in the ER. 

When her son arrived back home to his apartment, he had no food or medicine and was far too sick to make a trip to the grocery store. So just like a sweet mother would do, Laura called the local Publix grocery store and paid for several groceries for him over the phone. 

At the end of the phone call, Laura offered to pay the Publix employee a delivery fee for bringing the groceries to her son. But the store employee quickly declined the offer. 

"These gentlemen went over and above the call of duty, and I cannot ever express to them how grateful I am. I have no doubt these two are excellent store managers.... (they) went out of their way to help my son, who desperately needed it, without any thought of getting any recognition. They simply wanted to do the right thing," Laura said in the Facebook post. 

FOX 32 News reached out to Laura for comment.