Charges: Woman found inside MSP Airport bathroom stall with knife, heroin

A Minneapolis woman is facing felony-level drug possession charges after she was found in a bathroom stall at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport with a knife, a razor blade and several grams of heroin.

Tiffany Moy, 44, reportedly locked herself inside a bathroom stall near Gate H7 at Terminal 2 on for nearly two hours on Feb. 8 before MSP Airport police officers found her, according to the criminal complaint. Moy had cut straws, burnt tinfoil, a knife, a razor blade and 2.7 grams of heroin with her inside the stall.

When officers eventually convinced her to open the stall, Moy appeared confused and did not know where she was.

Moy is being charged with fifth degree felony drug possession. 

TSA statement

:“We continue to take the discovery of sharp items and other prohibited items seriously. However, in today's post 9/11 security environment, intelligence tells us our officers’ greatest focus needs to be the biggest threat to aviation today - explosives and explosives components.  TSA employs multiple elements of security to protect the traveling public including reinforced cockpit doors, federal air marshals, and a vigilant traveling public.”