Close call: Car barrels into Arizona beauty shop, driver arrested on unrelated warrant

Miraculously, no one was seriously hurt Thursday when a car crashed through a beauty store in Tempe.

According to police, the incident happened on May 26 near Mill and Southern Avenues when a driver unintentionally left the car in drive. When the driver got back into the car to put it in park, they accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake, causing the car to crash into the store.

"We don't know how it happened, honestly," said a young woman who was inside the car as a passenger during the incident. "It happened so fast."

Surveillance video released by Tempe Police shows the car crashing through the store and into two people inside. Akiana Jones was working in the back of the store when the car hit.

"I’m not OK, because my boss was like my dad, and have to pick him up out of the wreckage," said Jones.

The sights and sounds sent people scurrying over, who saw the store showered in glass.

"The car just went into the wig store, and we’re like ‘there’s a wig store over there?’" said one of the witnesses.

"We all looked outside from the window back there, and thought ‘that’s not a parking spot,’" said another witness.

"Good thing I woke up late this morning, because I would’ve been sitting right there in that chair or that stool right where the impact happened. I think I’m pretty lucky today," said Raymond Woolfolk, a security guard at the store.

One person was hospitalized with minor injuries. Tempe Police officials say the driver of the car involved in the incident was arrested on an outstanding warrant. The driver was not arrested in connection with the crash, which was considered an accident.

As for the store, it reopened just two days following the incident, on May 28.