Car accident puts lemonade stand out of business in Woodbury, Minn.

For generations, kids have tried their luck with a corner lemonade stand as a good way to make a couple extra bucks in the summer. However, for a couple of 10-year-olds in Woodbury, Minnesota, their luck almost changed, when an accident at their intersection sent one car barreling into their shop.

"The car came right in there, you can see the marks," said lemonade stand proprietor Jack Tichenor, pointing to the Woodbury street corner where their business stood only an hour earlier. 

The ever-changing market can be tough enough for a small business, but these two entrepreneurs had a rough day at the office that pretty much defines a close call.

Jack and his co-owner Sam Rauker are fine -- the car only smashed their business, but the accident is still replaying in their minds.

"It felt like slow motion," Jack said of the experience.

When asked, Sam echoed his business partner's thoughts, "Well, slow motion, the same, but the lemonade stand is now totaled."

Like many small businesses, sales were starting a little slow. The pair had only made one sale thus far, and it was one of their fathers.

"First customer was the last customer," Jack joked.

The accident  involved a driver who ran a stop sign hit another car, sending both cars careening towards the kids. But it could have been much worse.

"Yeah, a really close call and they were really lucky they did not get hurt," said Belinda Yang who is a nanny for one of the kids.

Police cited the vans 37-year-old driver for failure to yield, but commend the 19-year-old driving the car who managed to avoid hitting the boys head-on.

"He seemed to be able to swerve a little more to hit the fire hydrant so he didn't hit straight on the boys, which if he would have it would have been a lot worse," said Jenni Brunotti who is also a nanny for the boys.

The boy's confidence in business start-ups is a little shaken after the wild Friday morning, but it is by no means broken.

For now the lemonade recipe is spot on, it is just a change of location that is needed to help them flourish in the future.

They are just going to move their shop to one of their driveways, away from the intersection.