Brainerd area resort guests rescue 3 men pulled under by current

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Guests at the Gull Lake Resort on Gull Lake rescued three men who had been pulled under the water by the strong current where the lake meets the Gull River. (Photo credit: Kelly Humphrey/Brainerd Dispatch) 

Guests at a resort rescued three men who had been pulled underwater by the strong current where Gull Lake meets the Gull River in the Brainerd area Sunday afternoon. 

According to the Cass County Sheriff's Office, a man had waded into the water and got caught by the current at the mouth of the river where it leaves the lake. Two men went into the water to help the man in distress, and all three were quickly pulled underwater by the current. 

The two guests administered first aid to the victims until first responders arrived. 

The three victims were transported to a hospital in Brainerd for observation. 

The sheriff's office said the water levels on the lake and the river are high from the snow melt and heavy spring rain. The temperature of the water was 57 degrees Fahrenheit at the time and it was moving quickly downstream.