Bloomington chocolate shop donating sweets to health care workers

Droolin' Moose is donating chocolates to health care workers. (FOX 9)

A small business in Bloomington, Minnesota is finding a way to say thank you to health care workers.

Droolin’ Moose chocolate shop wanted to give back to those who working long hard hours, so what better way than free chocolate?

While over 200 individual servings will be headed out the door Thursday, store leaders also made sure to set aside 10 percent of all sales to donate to first responders, who were nominated through Facebook.

“We would say we’re giving 10% back in the form of chocolate to caregiving facilities and customers would say, ‘Can you just double my order and give half to where I was sending it and half to your donation?’” said Amy Bustos of Droolin’ Moose. “And people just want to give, and that’s the great part of owning a small business, you can take your product, and turn it into something that someone else want to give because everyone wants to do their part and that’s what being part of Minnesota is all about.”

Droolin’ Moose staff says they plan to continue chocolate deliveries each week.

You can also continue to nominate recipients on their Facebook page.