Bernie Sanders campaigns for Keith Ellison at First Avenue

First Avenue hosted an unusual billing Friday morning as Bernie Sanders campaigned for Attorney General candidate and Congressman Keith Ellison.

The venue was packed mid-morning as Sanders said, “It looks like the political revolution is moving here in Minneapolis.”

Sanders had 1,500 people “feeling the Bern” two years after a presidential run that turned him into a political rock star.

“It is a need to create a nationwide, grassroots movement where ordinary people stand up to the billionaire class and take back this country,” Sanders said.

He hit on many of his same topics including free healthcare, free tuition and raising the minimum wage. But now, he has a year-and-a-half-old Trump administration to bite in to.

“We have a president who is nothing less than a billionaire bully, who goes after the weak and the defenseless," said Sanders.

Sanders made the Minnesota swing to stump for Ellison, who’s running for state attorney general. Ellison acknowledged the move from Congress to attorney general is an unusual switch.

“Let me tell you about this attorney general,” Ellison said. “Attorneys general across the country led the fight against the Muslim ban.”

Both men implored the crowd to get out the vote in the August primary.

“Low turnout means right wing policies prevail,” Ellison said.

“The antidote to political depression is activism,” Sanders added.

Sanders went on to hold rallies in Duluth, Minnesota and Eau Claire, Wisconsin Friday.