Minnesota family continues 89-year Turkey Bowl Thanksgiving tradition

A Thanksgiving tradition for a Minnesota family continued Thursday morning – for the 89th year, teams took the field for the Battis-Bohen Bowl. 

It was a mix of first-timers and veterans, with football and Thanksgiving pulling them together. 

The Battis-Bohen Bowl's roots date back to 1933, born in a neighborhood alley in St. Paul before anyone playing now was even born. 

The Battis-Bohen Turkey Bowl trophy. (FOX 9)

In its 89-year history, they've only taken two years off – one year in World War II and one year during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The game has moved around, and has been played in every type of weather. And while it's competitive, the outcome isn't the point. It's to honor the tradition, and respect something that's been done for so long. And no one dares to stop it now.

The tradition of the Battis-Bohen Turkey Bowl continued on Thursday, with the 89th annual football game. (FOX 9)