Baby formula shortage still an issue for local families

Five bottles a day. That’s how much 9-month-old Whitney needs every day to keep growing strong.

The only problem is her parents, Allie and Andrew, can’t find the formula they need anywhere.

"Pretty much anytime I’m out during the week, I’m stopping at Cub, Target, you name it, Walgreen’s even, just to check," Allie told FOX 9. "If you can’t find formula, you can’t feed your baby."

The Similac brand they use was impacted by a widespread baby formula recall in February, but two months later, the shortage is still an issue.

"We had quite a few tubs included in that recall, so we had to get rid of that," Allie said.

The formula shortage is also causing a greater need when it comes to alternatives. The Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies provides safe, pasteurized human donor milk to medically vulnerable babies and they’ve recently seen a big boost in demand.

"Since the formula shortage began in February, we have seen an increase in the demand for donor human milk and we have been looking to increase our production to be able to meet that need," executive director Linda Dech said.

As the clock ticks and store shelves are still empty, the Smulka family is left feeling beyond frustrated.

If your regular formula is not available, be sure to contact your doctor for recommendations on alternatives.

Many major retailers are now limiting the amount of formula each family can buy due to high demand.