Attracting pollinators to your yard: Garden Guy

From what you plant to the habitat you create, there are a few simple ways to attract bees and butterflies to your yard. 

Pollinators are an important factor in growing vegetables, fruits and other plants in your home garden, as well as in global food production. FOX 9's Garden Guy Dale K has some tips for attracting them to your yard. 

To create a welcoming habitat for a variety of pollinators, you should include water, such as a bird bath, in your yard. You can also purchase pollinator homes at your local garden store. And in early spring, it's important to leave that early lawn decay alone because it serves as a home for pollinators over the winter months. 

There are also different plants you can incorporate into your yard. There's a honeybee mix that you seed like any other grass seed and includes thyme and clover, which bees love. You can also plant a variety of perennials that are pollinator-friendly, as well as many herb flowers, such as oregano, which help attract pollinators. 

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