Association of Nepalis in Minnesota raises $170,000 for earthquake relief

It was a day that was both cathartic and productive. A fundraiser was put on in St. Paul to help raise funds for those affected by the earthquakes in Nepal.

When the earthquake hit, Molly Sowash, a Macalaster College student, was on a study abroad trip.

"We were sitting on a rock resting, when all of a sudden this deep growl comes up from the ground and everything starts shaking," Sowash said.

For those with ties to Nepal, these have been sad, strange weeks.

"My parents are there. Half of my family is still there," said Richa Shrestsa who is with the Association of Nepalis in Minnesota.

For those with ties to the country, the grief is still very much real.

"I'll be ironing and start crying, and think, ‘where did this come from?'" said Sowash.

Sunday's fundraiser was organized by the Association of Nepalis in Minnesota, and with the help of 60 volunteers, there was music, food, art, and healing.

"We feel like we all know the pain, and throughout this event planning, it was really like empowering to think about the bigger cause: to help Nepal and the victims," said Shrestsa

That feeling was shared by others too.

"So being active and putting that energy toward relief will help me and Nepal," said Sowash

The fundraiser was organized in two weeks. So far the Association of Nepalis has raised over $170,000 to help with the relief effort.