Afton, Minn. celebrates 'Jessie Diggins Day'

Saturday was a day of celebration in Afton, Minn., with the city officially declaring “Jessie Diggins Day” for its hometown champion. 

The cross country skier was greeted with a grand entrance as people lined the streets with cowbells and signs to cheer her on. 

Diggins came from behind to win the Women’s Cross Country Team Sprint. The gold medal win is one Afton will never forget. 

Saturday was a chance for people from her hometown of 3,000, and for people across the state of Minnesota to meet the local star. 

Selma’s Ice Cream Parlor, the local ice cream shop, honored Jessie with her own ice cream flavor. They called it “Her Comes Diggins.” It’s a red, white and blue concoction featuring vanilla, strawberry and blueberry flavors. 

Diggins already received the “skis” to the city of Afton a few years ago. 

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