Actor Jamie Foxx joins protesters in Minneapolis calling for arrest of other officers in Floyd death

The news of the arrest of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd quickly spread amongst protesters at a peaceful demonstration outside the Minneapolis Government Center on Friday.

While protesters, who had been calling for an arrest, were happy to see the news, they say one arrest isn't enough. The members of the rally believe all four officers who were fired after the arrest that left George Floyd dead should face legal repercussions.

From screams of frustration to tears of grief, every emotion possible was pouring on to the Hennepin Government Plaza for more than an hour and a half.

Within the crowd, local civil rights activists spoke along with many who have now flown in from around the country.

Before the rally, a news conference inside city hall with actor Jamie Foxx, social justice advocate Tamika Mallory, and former NBA star and friend of George Floyd Stephen Jackson was interrupted with news that Chauvin was under arrest.

"But that is not enough," said civil rights lawyer Nekima Levy Armstrong. "All four of them participated in the killing of George Floyd and we will not be satisfied until all four are arrested and actually charged with the murder of George Floyd."

"We came for justice," added Jackson. "We came for convictions. I defiantly came because this city is definitely going to take care of my brother's kids. He has two beautiful daughters he can't provide for."

"When we see you guys out here on the frontlines," explained Foxx. "We want to let you know you have support. You call us, we come. We are not afraid of this moment."

The calls for the arrests of the three other officers were echoed in the plaza at the rally. Speakers repeatedly said while they don't condone the rioting, people are fed up and have a right to be.

"Don't talk to us about looting," said Mallory "Y'all are looting. America has looted the black people. America looted Native Americans when they first came here."

Last to speak, George Floyd's brother came to give thanks.

"We just want to tell y’all thank you all the way from Houston," he said. "Say his name, George Floyd."

The rally came to a peaceful conclusion on Friday. Another rally is planned for Saturday at 2 p.m. at the intersection of Lake and 10th in the Powderhorn neighborhood.