Activists hold march in Minneapolis to demand policy changes under Biden

Activists march along Lake Street in south Minneapolis on Inauguration Day to highlight policy changes they hope to see under the Biden administration

The push for progressive policy change in Washington D.C. hit the streets of Minneapolis on Inauguration Day as liberal activists say President Joe Biden has a lot to prove.

"We want to make sure and remind him that we haven’t forgotten his promises," said Fernando Sanchez of Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAC).

The coalition of progressive organizations wants more than just a "thank you" for helping Biden secure victory in November. They’re demanding a long list of policy changes, which includes legalization for all who come to this country, reparations, student loan forgiveness and community control of police.

"Just because there is a changing of a guard and we don’t have Trump anymore, we’re not going to relax and be like, 'Okay the next four years are going to be easy.' I believe the next four years we’re going to have to fight harder," said Loretta VanPelt of the Twin Cities Coalition for Justice for Jamar.

They say previous administrations, both Democrat and Republican, have failed the working class, immigrants and people of color. In an election year that gave rise to a new civil rights movement, they don’t think these ideas should be brushed off as "too radical."

"Why can’t we have healthcare for all? Why can’t college be a free thing rather than something people go into debt for," said VanPelt.