A walk down memory lane, courtesy of an April blizzard

This weekend’s snow event is a storm Minnesotans will be talking about for years to come, and while some enjoyed the spring storm others are more than ready for spring weather. 

Some parts of the metro area saw more than 15 inches of snow—so much snow, in fact, that the dome at the Vadnais Sports Center in Vadnais Heights, Minn. collapsed. It was the first time a Minnesota dome collapsed since 2010.

Mike Savard said his son had lacrosse tryouts just days before the storm,with the collapse only adding to the number of headaches for parents and coaches caused by extended winter weather. In all, it could be two to three months before the dome is operational again. 

“It’s horrible because everybody is being forced to go indoors,” Savard said. “Every team has got to go indoors—we’re talking about softball, baseball teams, soccer, lacrosse, everything. There’s not enough indoor stuff to accommodate all of them.” 

The Metrodome also collapsed in 1983 during the last April that saw this much snow. Both storms dumped more than a foot on the Twin Cities, but that’s not the only thing they had in common. 

This weekend’s snowstorm also inspired a family to recreate a photo taken during the 1983 blizzard. 

Jennifer Haas was 11 months old during 1983’s April blizzard, when her mother took a picture holding her. During this weekend’s blizzard, she held her daughter in a similar photo.

April 14 was more than another snowstorm, however, it was Haas’ grandmother’s birthday--she passed away last year. For Haas, the chilly weather was heartwarming. She felt it was her grandmother making her presence known. 

Haas said she was surprised by all of the attention the photo received and also said it serves as a reminder to people that yes, it has snowed this much in April before.