5 tips for growing a succulent garden

Succulents are some of the easiest plants to grow, and FOX 9 Garden Guy Dale K has five tips to ensure your succulent garden thrives. 

Succulents are any plants with thick, fleshy tissue that is adapted for water storage. They're a variety of plants that are native to arid climates with sandy soil, so they're quite good at taking whatever moisture is given to them and storing them in their leaves.

The plants are wildly popular because they're so easy to grow, and their low profile makes a perfect table decoration or centerpiece. 

Dale K's secrets to a succulent garden include picking the right soil to allow the plants to drain properly and not watering them too much. Here are his other tips: 

  • Use the right soil: Regular garden soil clumps up and can rob the plants of oxygen and doesn't allow the soil to drain. Look for potting soil that will allow roots to breathe.
  • Plant your succulents in a container that has a drainage hole or create a substrate with rocks to allow the plants to drain — try adding chunky perlite to your potting soil when planting your succulents.
  • Leave enough space: When planting a succulent garden, remember even though they're small they will grow. Always leave a bit of room in the pot between each plant.
  • Don't over water: You can get away with watering the succulents as little as every three weeks to every month.
  • Give them enough sun: For the most part, succulents need bright sunshine. The amount of light they get can impact their color.