33 COVID-19 cases linked to Martin County funeral

Minnesota state health officials say a COVID-19 outbreak has been linked to a funeral in Martin County where there was little social distancing or use of face coverings at the event.

In the coronavirus briefing Wednesday, Minnesota Department of Health Infectious Disease Director Kris Ehresmann said so far there are 33 coronavirus cases connected to the funeral in Martin County, which is in southern Minnesota along the Iowa border. About 150 to 200 people attended the funeral on Sept. 9, which included a gathering at a church followed by a luncheon at a private residence.

Ehresmann says there are likely more cases linked to the funeral.

In addition to the funeral cases, she says there have been 17 cases linked to staff at the church.

Ehresmann says this outbreak shows the need for a "layered approach" to help reduce the spread of the virus. This involves doing not just one, but all three of the following preventative measures: maintaining social distance, avoiding large crowds and wearing a mask.