27-year-old driver who fled Minneapolis Police charged after fatal crash

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The man who led Minneapolis Police on a chase that resulted in a fatality this week was charged Friday.

Trevon McMorris, 27, of Brooklyn Park, has been charged with fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle, resulting in a death.

McMorris fled police that were investigating him for drug dealing.

The victim in the crash was 50-year-old Jose Salcido, of Minneapolis.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Hennepin County District Court, the initial call for police was for a report of three vehicles making suspicious exchanges in front of an address on Aldrich Avenue North.

When officers arrived, one of them approached the vehicle and obtained identification from McMorris. The officer noted a strong smell of marijuana.

When the officer went back to his squad car, McMorris sped away, nearly hitting an officer speaking to a driver of the car in front of McMorris’.

McMorris headed north on Aldrich and crashed into Salcido’s sedan traveling west before hitting a parked car.

Salcido was pinned in his car, extricated and taken to North Memorial Hospital where he died an hour later.

Later, a search of McMorris’ car yielded several bags of suspected cocaine, a loaded pistol, marijuana and a small scale. He also had a large amount of cash in his pockets.

McMorris had previous driving-related convictions, including an April 4 conviction for fleeing a peace officer.