2 young men charged in shooting that injured 1 outside Lyon's Pub

Two young men have been charged in connection with the May 13 shooting outside Lyon's Pub in Minneapolis.

16-year-old Emmanuel Johnson and 22-year-old Alize Cleaves were charged in the shooting of a man who was sitting at a table outside the pub. The man sustained an injury to his leg.

Johnson, of St. Paul, has been charged with one count of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and one count of possessing a fireman while under 18 years old. According to a release, prosecutors have moved to have him certified as an adult.

Cleaves, of Inver Grove Heights, has been charged with one count of aiding an offender - accomplice after the fact.

After speaking to witnesses, officers learned that two groups of young men were involved in the shooting and that shots had been fired by a young man wearing a gray sweatshirt. A discharged cartridge casing was found in the area.

Other officers found a group of men at the light rail platform in front of the Government Center, and when they boarded the train, they found an abandoned gray sweatshirt. A loaded gun was in the front pocket. It was the same caliber as the discharged casing recovered at the scene.

Witnesses and multiple surveillance videos from businesses and Metro Transit indicated that one group of men had been walking south on Hennepin Avenue when they passed some men in a bus shelter. All the men began arguing and flashing gang hand signs.

Johnson was seen wearing a gray sweat shirt and he appeared to reach into the front pocket. A few seconds after Johnson’s group turned onto 6th Street, two shots were fired and then the group ran away.

Video from the light rail shows Cleaves wearing the gray sweatshirt that Johnson had on minutes earlier.

Someone can be heard saying “take that off.” Cleaves took it off and put it on the empty seat where the police officers recovered it.