2-time 7-year-old cancer survivor sends thousands of gifts to other kids

Seven-year-old Neveah Belker, a two-time cancer survivor and soon-to-be second-grader, is giving away thousands of gifts she has received from complete strangers.

Neveah was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 4, and after undergoing both chemotherapy and radiation, the cancer returned to her spine. After beating it for a second time Neveah and her family hosted an ice cream party to raise money for other kids who understand her struggle all too well.

"She decided she wanted to have an ice cream party and we thought we would have it in our yard and people can drive up,” her father, Mike Belker said.

Several local businesses stepped up to donate, as well as hundreds of strangers, resulting in thousands of gifts that other kids can now enjoy in Neveah's honor.

"I used to get all these cards and gifts at my door, so I decided to give back to kids in the hospital,” she said.