19 dogs graduate from St. Paul Police K-9 boot camp

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There are some new top dogs in town.

On Thursday, 19 dogs from 15 police agencies from Minnesota and Wisconsin graduated from K-9 training in St. Paul.

At the ceremony, the dogs showed off their new skills and earned a well-deserved applause.

The St. Paul Police Department is the host agency for K-9 training camps for the five state region, which includes the Dakotas, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Officers and their K-9 partners undergo 12 weeks of obedience training to earn their degrees.

The teams will have continual training as they settle into their patrols and apply their new skills to real life situations.

Graduating Class

St. Paul Police Department:

Officer Brady Harrison and Canine "Eddie"

Officer Chad DeGree and Canine "Ozzy"

Officer Joe Ryan and Canine "Bogey"

Officer Kong Xiong and Canine "Diesel"

Minnesota D.O.C. Faribault:

Officer Chris Persing and Canine "Razor"

Goodhue County Sheriff's Office:

Deputy Jim Goham and Canine "Valor"

Burnsville Police Department:

Officer Lauren Smith and Canine "Jet"

Edina Police Department:

Officer Mike Bengtson and Canine "Ike"

Duluth Police Department:

Officer Dean Bauers and Canine "Riggs"

Officer Aaron Haller and Canine "Haas"

St. Croix County Sheriff's Office:

Deputy Dustin Geisness and Canine "Roky"

Deputy John Shilts Jr. and Canine "Garza"

Hudson Police Department:

Officer Robert Larson and Canine "Badger"

Faribault Police Department:

Officer Adam Marvin and Canine "Cannon"

Superior Police Department:

Officer Jeff Harriman and Canine "Lacka"

Wabasha County Sheriff's Office:

Deputy Erik Rollie and Canine "Melee"

Sawyer County Sheriff's Office:

Deputy Dennis Nelson and Canine "Oscar"

Ashland Police Department:

Officer Nick Ovaska and Canine "Chase"

Olmsted County Sheriff's Office:

Deputy Rian Jones and Canine "Jango"