Wednesday storm in Twin Cities gets forecast from YouTube celeb

YouTube’s favorite forecaster, Frankie MacDonald, is warning the people of Minnesota of a storm on Wednesday that will bring heavy rain and strong winds. Frankie reports from his home province of Nova Scotia and mainly covers storms affecting Canada, but he regularly issues warnings to Minnesota.

Frankie’s advice

“People in Southern Minnesota, be prepared. Have your rubber boots, rain coats and rain suits ready. When you go outside, wear your rain gear, rubber boots, and rain coats to keep you dry. Order your pizzas and Chinese food and buy cases of Pepsi and Coke. Have your iPads, iPods, cell phones, laptops and tablets charged and have your 3G and 4G internet ready. When you go for a walk, don't walk through the puddles and avoid the puddles while you are walking. Don't open up your umbrella or the very strong winds can damage and even break your umbrella.” Watch Frankie's video at

Meteorologist Steve Frazier’s forecast

The main chances for the heaviest rains will be near the low pressure system to our south. The wettest areas are coming out of the Gulf and into the center of the storm, which in return could produce the heaviest rains in parts of Iowa and Southeastern Minnesota. Read more at