Come cook with Ross Sveback

You watch me cook on Fox 9 why not come have me cook for you at one of my upcoming classes at Kitchen Window! Classes are taught in a didactic technique, $69.


I'll show you how to create a menu inspired by the outdoor barbecues of Argentina and Brazil. The amazing menu starts with the popular Brazilian cool and creamy beverage, PINEAPPLE BATIDAS. Ross' LATIN AMERICAN POTATO SALAD is a twist on the traditional with the addition of flavorful peppers which add a touch of heat (but not much)! The next fresh dish will be TOMATO SALAD WITH AVOCADO SALSA which is simple to make and packs a flavorful punch! The main course will be BRAZILIAN FLANK STEAK WITH CHIMICHURRI, the bold green herb sauce that originated in Argentina. Dessert will be CAIPIRINHA PIE, a beautiful rum-infused chiffon pie topped with coconut.,7466.html 

Spiralizer Recipes

You'll see that spiralizers will make your meal preparation quick, easy and fun! Ross' ZUCCHINI SPAGHETTI lightens up the traditional pasta dish and incorporates fresh vegetables and herbs. BUTTERNUT SQUASH MAC & CHEESE is a delicious transformation of the popular comfort food. VANILLA-SPICED APPLE & PEAR CHIPS are a sweet healthy treat that will be a family favorite. MOROCCAN-SPICED ROASTED CHICKEN WITH CARROT SALAD is a flavorful main dish that will be your weeknight meal go-to recipe. EGGS IN POTATO NESTS are picture-perfect culinary creations that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch OR dinner. Leave this class with the confidence that your spiralizer will soon become your absolute favorite kitchen tool!,7479.html

Cooking with Flowers

Learn how to incorporate edible flowers into some beautiful and delicious dishes in this seasonal class. Ross will start with LILAC SUGAR and LILAC CREAM PIE which incorporate super fragrant spring lilacs. DANDELION COOKIES are delicate, chewy lacy cookie creations infused with dandelion and honey. Taste the essence of roses in PISTACHIO ROSE SHORTBREAD. Next, Ross will create a gorgeous picture-perfect SPRING GREENS SALAD WITH PANSIES & RHUBARB VINAIGRETTE. Finally, Ross will show us how to create bouquet-infused FLOWER JAMS, you'll get to take home a small sample of jam to share with your family or friends (although they taste so good that you may not want to share!).,7488.html

Sun-Drenched Menu

This vibrant, colorful meal is inspired by colorful, fresh, flavorful summer vegetables and global cuisines. This menu is just right for your summer parties – light, delicious, easy-to-prepare and dazzling! TANDOORI SHRIMP is based on the fragrant spiced clay-oven dishes from India. CHEDDAR CHIVE BISCUITS will be the perfect accompaniment to any meal, especially tonight's meal. Use fresh garden tomatoes to re-create Ross' Mediterranean TOMATO SALAD WITH BASIL HONEY VINAIGRETTE. Another Minnesota summer garden favorite, fresh corn is a Southwest American influenced, colorful delicious side dish. Finally, Ross will prepare a PEACH BREAD PUDDING, the just-right combination of sweet, creamy, doughy, fruity goodness!

Pineapple Batida -

Cheddar Chive Biscuits -

Peach, Vanilla-Bean Croissant Pudding -