Collecting yellowware pottery

Yellowware is a heavy earthenware made of a yellowish clay. It varies in color from light yellow to orange-yellow. Produced in England and the United States during the mid 1800's to early 1900's, many items being kitchen bowls and jugs. Yellowware is highly collectible -- mixing bowls, pie pans and molds seem to to be the most desirable.

Another form of pottery that is sometimes classed as yellowware, can also be called Mochaware.  The feathering pattern on this mochaware piece was created by dropping the pigment onto the glaze and allowing it to flow on its own creating almost a tree design.

You can find antique yellowware at antique stores and tag sales, yet the easiest way to locate it is on eBay. Be sure to search 'yellowware' and 'yellow ware'. If you don't want to bite the bullet and pay for the real thing, some manufacturers are making reproductions.

My first yellowware piece that I acquired was actually at an auction and I was bidding against none other than Sotheby's. It is a massive 16? bowl with brown and white stripes.