Air enthusiasts in Eden Prairie introduce young women to aviation careers

Mar. 8 marked the 114th anniversary of Raymonde de Laroche becoming the first woman in the world to receive a government issued pilot’s license. At the Wings of the North air museum in Eden Prairie, air enthusiasts used that as an opportunity to inspire the next generation of women aviators.

Celebrating women aviators in Eden Prairie

Wings of the North museum in Eden Prairie is celebrating women aviators, and encouraging young women to join the aviator work force. FOX 9's Babs Santos has the story.

Women protesting in Taliban-ruled countries

Since the United States removed the last of its troops from the Middle East in 2021, the Taliban has once again gained control of the region. As a result, young girls and women have been losing rights in the country and are working to get basic rights back. FOX 9's Kelly O'Connell has the latest.