Uber, Lyft driver deal approved

Following a resolution by the Minneapolis City Council that would offer Uber and Lyft drivers a guaranteed pay increase – one that Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said he would veto – a new deal has been struck between the city and rideshare businesses.

Minneapolis Mayor vetoes Uber, Lyft raises

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has vetoed a plan to increase wages for Uber and Lyft drivers throughout the city, saying more information is needed on potential unintended side effects on prices.

Mpls. Lyft, Uber drivers ask mayor not to veto

Uber and Lyft drivers in Minneapolis are calling on Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey not to veto a measure that would establish a minimum wage for rideshare drivers in the city. They held a press conference on this on Friday, Aug. 18.

Lyft threatens to leave Minneapolis

The Minneapolis City Council will have an upcoming vote on a proposal that would raise the rates for Lyft drivers – a move that has drawn criticism from the company, which is threatening to cease business operations in the city should it pass.

Minneapolis considers Uber/Lyft minimum wage

Uber and Lyft drivers are hoping the Minneapolis city council will give them what Governor Tim Walz wouldn’t — a guaranteed raise. A council committee voted Tuesday afternoon to move forward with a rideshare minimum wage ordinance, probably the drivers’ last change for change in 2023.