Woodbury PD give update on Target standoff [RAW]

A man armed with a gun was shot by law enforcement officers during a standoff outside a Target store in Woodbury on Monday morning, officers reported. Woodbury Police Department provided an update on Monday afternoon. Here's the full press conference.

MN weighs lead ammo ban

A new bill would ban the use of lead ammo in Minnesota -- which could come at a cost for target shooting teams.

Local artist featured at Target

A local artist has received support from Target after being tasked with creating new tech wear for the major retail outlet.

Target announces store closures

Target has announced it will close several stores across four major U.S. markets due to a rise in theft and violence at the locations.

Target parking lot shooting: St. Paul Police press conference [RAW]

A man was shot and killed in St. Paul Thursday morning, according to police. Officers responded to a reported shooting around 9:50 a.m. at a Target parking lot on Suburban Avenue. While en route to the scene, officers received an update that a man suffering from an apparent gunshot injury was dropped off at a nearby fire station, St. Paul Police Sergeant Mike Ernster said in a press conference Thursday afternoon.