Woman returns to work after 9 weeks of lockdown to find banana that she forgot in her desk

With millions of people quarantining during the COVID-19 pandemic, some may be wondering about the status of any items they might have left behind at work.

One woman from the U.K. fretted over a banana she had left in her work desk for nine weeks and recorded her experience when she and the wayward fruit were finally reunited.

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Mhairi-Louise Brennan, of Glasgow, awoke on May 12 and remembered a banana she had left inside of her desk before the pandemic triggered a lockdown in her country. She worried about the “squidgy, liquid mess surrounded by fruit flies and maggots” that was awaiting her once the lockdown had lifted.

“The unknown was killing me so I've drove to work to see wit the damage was. I present...a 9 week old banana,” Brennan wrote in a tweet.

She was thankfully met with no stench of rotting fruit, but instead was shocked to find a very old, crispy and black hardened “banana”. 

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It had shriveled up into an almost “cardboard material”, according to Brennan.

She nonetheless gave her desk “a good clean” before heading back home.

Storyful contributed to this story.