'Wheelz,' the bunny gets around on dollar store skateboard-wheelchair

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It's the story of the little bunny that could at a farm in upstate New York.  

Overlook Acres farm raises bunnies and recently, they had six litters of bunnies born on the farm. One of the bunnies was injured in the back legs by another bunny, but that didn't stop him. The little guy began to zip around the room by pulling himself around with his front legs.

He was even moving around faster than the other babies, Overlook Acres said on its Facebook page. So someone at the farm took it upon herself to buy a $1 skateboard from the dollar store and fashion it into a tiny wheelchair for him. "He is as happy as can be and loves his speed," the farm wrote on its Facebook page.

He's nicknamed "Wheelz" now, and there is even a children's book in the works about his story.

The farm has been posting videos of the little bunny getting around on his wheelchair on its Facebook page. 

The original video showing the bunny snuggling and giving kisses has been viewed more than 24 million times.