Wedding ring falls down drain, returns 1 year later thanks to employee in Big Lake, Minn.

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A couple from Big Lake, Minnesota is now breathing a huge sigh of relief. 

Sarah Wolff’s wedding ring went missing down the drain last year, but thanks to a very honest and observant city employee, that ring is finally back on her hand.

“We don’t have a stopper on the tub, so it’s just an open drain and it went down and I realized the next day. My husband had taken apart the plumbing looking for it and knew it was gone,” Wolff said. 

Dave with Big Lake Public Works was doing a routine sewer line cleaning when he came across the diamond in the rough. 

Dave then took it to his supervisor, and they took to social media. It wasn’t long before friends were contacting Sarah saying, "’Hey, this might be yours.’" 

Wolff reached out and sure enough, Dave had found her ring.  

“It’s just amazing, just shows that there are still honest people out there because he could have taken it in to a pawn shop, because he even brought it in to a jeweler to show that it was real and then returned it to his supervisor. So that’s just unreal to me," she said.

Timing couldn’t have been better for the couple as they prepare for their five-year anniversary in September. They were going to buy a new ring, but thanks to Dave, they saved a big chunk of change.