Wedding dress designer Hayley Paige says she has lost right to Instagram, social media accounts

Wedding dress designer Hayley Paige has announced a lawsuit between herself and the company she had been under contract with for years, JLM Couture, is causing her to give up her Instagram, Tik Tok and Pinterest accounts after a lengthy legal battle.

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Paige made the announcement Monday on a different Instagram page than the one at the center of the court battle with JLM. She says she is resigning from her role as head designer of her labels with JLM Couture.

She also says she will no longer be associated with any of their products going forward, including the designs and dresses which bear her name.

The post also claims that a court has granted JLM Couture permission to prevent Paige from using her name in public for any business context. She also says the court granted JLM control over Paige's official Instagram account, which has over one million followers.

In her announcement, Paige says she signed her contract with JLM Couture to start working with them and selling her designs in 2011 when she was 25 years old and she didn't have a lawyer look over the agreement.

"If anyone tells you that you don't need to have a lawyer take a look at an agreement or a contract, please get a lawyer," Paige says.

She says this court battle with JLM started when it came time for her to negotiate a new contract.

"The term of my agreement with [JLM Couture] was ending and even in my best efforts to obtain a new contract, one that did not feel so one-sided, the conduct of JLM and [CEO Joseph Murphy], in my view, felt controlling, manipulative and bullying," Paige says.

In her video, Paige thanks her fans for their support and tells other young creatives not to give up on their dreams.

"To the young, aspiring creatives and designers out there," she says. "If there ever comes a moment in your journey where your sandcastle is stomped on, have the courage to go build a better one."